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Flexibility, Quality, Commitment.

Member of the cosmetic valley, Center 7, is a subsidiary of the Keystone Industries group, we are a cosmetic and hygiene contract manufacturer OEM.

Center 7 is often hiding behind big brand names. Our confidentiality and our dedicated approach make us one of the partners of choice.

The DNA of Center 7 is based on its Innovation, which was recognized and awarded at the Make up in Paris show in 2018 with its A-pelling patent , and the excellence of its high Quality as evidenced by the loyalty of the big luxury brands that have trusted us for many years.

Prestige, Masstige, Mass Market, Niche brands, Start-ups, we are the positioning partner of each of our clients because our listening and our technical adaptability are essential values ​​for your success.

Founded in 1987, our history was built with the will of our expert and multidisciplinary teams by putting their energies at the service of our clients . They are driven by creativity, flexibility, agility, reliability and quality in order to meet the most demanding demands.

In 2015, Center 7 joined the Keystone Industries group, which enabled it to join forces with a group recognized for its R&D and industrial technologies in cosmetics, dentistry and health, thus drawing on the best synergies.

We specialize in the formulation, production, filling, primary and secondary packaging of a wide spectrum of cosmetic products.


Our business expertise responds to the different nature of your projects, for your new or existing products.


We operate at all chronological stages as part of your creation or subcontracting project.

From the product concept to its marketing, we are your partner throughout the value chain at the creative or production phases, or individually at each of the stages according to your need, whether in Full Service, contract manufacturer OEM, Formulation, Production , Filling, Primary and secondary packaging.

Following the GMP 22716 standard, we deliver your products as quickly as possible in complete safety, by relying on a constant investment in our industrial technologies and the development of the know-how of our teams.

Center 7 is authorized for your products to perform subcontracting according to the COSMOS standard

Recognized expertise
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