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Full Service

If you want to bring your Project to life in Full Service or turnkey, you need an experienced partner who can cover a wide range of expertise.

Center 7 is your ideal partner to make your cosmetic and / or hygiene product projects a reality, with a comprehensive full service approach based on a structured approach for the development and production of your products.

Center 7 is your French cosmetic manufacturer who, thanks to these expert and multidisciplinary teams, covers the entire spectrum of professions and necessary skills: Formulation, Purchase of primary and secondary packaging, Production, Filling, Packaging, Regulation.

To support you, our expertise is based on an experience of more than 30 years, as evidenced by the loyalty of the major luxury brands who have trusted us for many years.

Why your tailor-made product in full service?

If you do not have the time or all the skills internally to carry out your cosmetic project from a technical, scientific and marketing or supply chain point of view, you can rely on the know-how of a sub- expert and local cosmetic treatment.

Our teams are proactive and in contact with you to define the specifications of your project and define tailor-made products that meet your brief and your expectations, with support at each stage of the research and validation process:

  • Based on your product strategy and your objectives: setting up the product specifications for your project and retroplanning taking into account your specifications (CDC)

  • Selection of raw materials and creation of your personalized formulas.

  • Selection of packaging, in line with your product design and its function.

  • Validation test

  • Component procurement

  • Production, packaging

All our partners (packaging, raw materials, etc.) meet strict specifications and are rigorously selected to guarantee the best quality, in compliance with the guidelines of cosmetic regulations. We thus guarantee a complete technical and quality file.

On our site, we carry out all operations in compliance with the quality standards of ISO 22716. For organic or natural products, we can also support you thanks to our Ecocert / Cosmos product certification

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