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Home Fragrance

From the brief of your "Home Fragrance & Perfume Mist" project, regardless of its size, its deadline, or your type of product, our experienced team is there to support you throughout the phases necessary for its success.

We intervene at all chronological stages as part of your creation or subcontracting project. From the product concept to its marketing, we are your partner throughout the value chain at the creative or production phases, or individually at each of the stages according to your need, whether in Full Service, contract manufacturer OEM, Formulation, Production , Filling, Primary and secondary packaging.

Some examples of our products and achievements:

Home Fragrance & Artoria

Projects with diffusers in rattan, ceramic, and other diffusing and capillary systems.

Artoria reinvents the fragrance diffuser stick by offering you porous ceramic rods whose shapes are inspired by nature Rosier Ficus and horsetail. Their originality and aesthetics will enhance your interior.

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Perfume Mist

To offer you fragrances that combine naturalness and well-being, we have focused on the essentials: beautiful renewable raw materials sourced responsibly and ethically without adding any substance harmful to humans and nature.

Formulated with renewable and non-toxic ingredients, a 98% natural plant mist

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