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Nail Polish Remover

We can create you formulas of solvents with raw materials of natural origins or classic solvents.
It is your essential for a perfect manicure, it combines efficiency and softness for an always irreproachable result. It will remove all traces of your nail polish: an immediate result for nails full of shine!

Our nail polish remover gently restores and preps your nails for your next nail polish application. Containing moisturizing and fortifying active ingredients, our nail polish removers nourish and soothe your nails while respecting the fragile nature of your nails while making them stronger.

We offer foam or classic removers to remove your nail polish. In addition, our acetone-free removers allow you to gently remove your polish without ever drying your nails.

We also offer a new bio-based nail polish remover for healthier nails and a cleaner environment! Learn more below.

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